JST SH Connector VS molex PicoBlade Connector

This article will show you the difference between JST SH connector and Molex PicoBlade connector. And how to identify one from the two. JST SH connector is NOT the same as Molex Picoblade connector. Don’t use their female and male interchangeably. What is JST SH connector? JST SH is a 1.0mm pitch wire-to-board connection system. […]

Molex Nano-Fit VS Micro-fit (microfit) VS Mini-Fit

Molex nano-fit, molex micro-fit and molex mini-fit belong to molex fit family power connectors. Following table shows the differences and similarities. Pictures molex micro fit molex mini fit molex nano fit Comparison Table Video https://youtu.be/NpKTlJ8GXFs If you would like to buy cost-effective connectors. Please contact us.

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