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Molex DuraClik Connector Alternative

Product Highlights
Categorywire to board
Current Rating3A AC/DC
Applicable WireAWG30-AWG24
No. Circuits (pin)2 to 15

Molex DuraClik is a 2.0mm pitch single row wire-to-board connector system for right-angled and vertical PCB mounting options. Available in 2 to 15 circuit sizes. 

Zeakka 2009 series is equivalent to DuraClik series. 

Cross Reference & Price (USD, EX Works)

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Description: connector housing, single row, white, nylon 66 UL94V-0

CircuitsMolex P/NZeakka P/NMOQ (pcs)Unit Price
25023510200, 502351-02002009W-0200WH50000.017
35023510300, 502351-03002009W-0300WH50000.026
45023510400, 502351-04002009W-0400WH50000.035
55023510500, 502351-05002009W-0500WH50000.043
65023510600, 502351-06002009W-0600WH50000.052
75023510700, 502351-07002009W-0700WH50000.062
85023510800, 502351-08002009W-0800WH50000.069
95023510900, 502351-09002009W-0900WH50000.078
105023511000, 502351-10002009W-1000WH50000.086
115023511100, 502351-11002009W-1100WH50000.095
125023511200, 502351-12002009W-1200WH50000.105
135023511300, 502351-13002009W-1300WH50000.114
145023511400, 502351-14002009W-1400WH50000.123
155023511500, 502351-15002009W-1500WH50000.129

Description: terminal, phosphor bronze, tin, reel

Molex part number: 5600850101 / 560085-0101

Zeakka part number: 2009TF-PT

Package: 10000pcs/reel

Unit price: USD0.0049

Description: connector header, SMT, vertical, beige, nylon 9T 94V-0, matte tin palting, 450pcs/reel

CircuitsMolex P/NZeakka P/NMOQ (pcs)Unit Price
25600200220, 560020-02202009BVS-0209BGM45000.115
35600200320, 560020-03202009BVS-0309BGM45000.137
45600200420, 560020-04202009BVS-0409BGM45000.149
55600200520, 560020-05202009BVS-0509BGM45000.160
65600200620, 560020-06202009BVS-0609BGM45000.172
75600200720, 560020-07202009BVS-0709BGM45000.183
85600200820, 560020-08202009BVS-0809BGM45000.195
95600200920, 560020-09202009BVS-0909BGM45000.209
105600201020, 560020-10202009BVS-1009BGM45000.223
115600201120, 560020-11202009BVS-1109BGM45000.250
125600201220, 560020-12202009BVS-1209BGM45000.274
135600201320, 560020-13202009BVS-1309BGM45000.297
145600201420, 560020-14202009BVS-1409BGM45000.320
155600201520, 560020-15202009BVS-1509BGM45000.343


Description: connector header, SMT, right angle, beige, nylon 9T 94V-0, matte tin palting, 600pcs/reel

CircuitsMolex P/NZeakka P/NMOQ (pcs)Unit Price
25023520200, 502352-02002009BRS-0209BGM60000.110
35023520300, 502352-03002009BRS-0309BGM60000.132
45023520400, 502352-04002009BRS-0409BGM60000.143
55023520500, 502352-05002009BRS-0509BGM60000.154
65023520600, 502352-06002009BRS-0609BGM60000.165
75023520700, 502352-07002009BRS-0709BGM60000.176
85023520800, 502352-08002009BRS-0809BGM60000.187
95023520900, 502352-09002009BRS-0909BGM60000.199
105023521000, 502352-10002009BRS-1009BGM60000.214
115023521100, 502352-11002009BRS-1109BGM60000.238
125023521200, 502352-12002009BRS-1209BGM60000.263
135023521300, 502352-13002009BRS-1309BGM60000.285
145023521400, 502352-14002009BRS-1409BGM60000.308
155023521500, 502352-15002009BRS-1509BGM60000.329

Frequently Asked Questions

Step 1: Inquiry. Let us know the part numbers and quantity you need. And get an esitmation of shipping cost if you would like us to do the shipping.

Step 2: Samples preparing. We will make samples according to your specifications and send them to you for your inspections.

Step 3: Contract. Once samples approved, you may want bulk order. Place your order and we will make a contract (or proforma invoice) with lead time and payment information. 

Step 4: Production. When prepayment is confirmed, we will start production.

Step 5: Delivery. For small cargo, you can authorize us to use your DHL/FedEx/UPS/TNT account for shipping, or you can pay us shipping cost and we will do the shipping. It’s always cheaper to use shipping agents in China. For big cargo, by sea or by train is more econimical but takes more time.

Step 6: After-sales service.

Alternative connectors are alternates (replacements or substitutes or cross parts) of famous brand connectors that have the same fit, form, and function as original brand connectors. They are compatible or equivalent to famous brand connectors made by specialist connector manufacturers (mainly in China) to the highest standard. 

Alternative connectors are used by EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Service) providers like Foxconn, Flex, Sanmina, Fideltronik, etc. for world-leading devices. And also been used by manufacturers worldwide in various industries. 

Connector housing: PE bag.

Crimping terminals: in reel.

Through hole headers: PE bag or tray.

SMT headers: tape & reel.

For a small amount  (less than USD600) you can pay by PayPal. We also accept Western Union. For more than USD600, you can pay by bank. And we do offer OA credit for clients who work with us for years on a regular basis.

10 to 20 pcs for free samples. You will be responsible for shipping.

If there is stock, we can send immediately, if no stock, it usaually takes about one week to make samples. And there will be 3 to 7 days for shipping. So total about 10-15 days.

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