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Molex Mega-Fit Power Connectors Alternative 

Product Highlights
Categorywire to board
Current Rating23A AC/DC
Applicable WireAWG16-AWG12
No. Circuits (pin)2 to 12

Molex Mega-Fit is a single-row wire-to-board and dual-row wire-to-wire and wire-to-board Connector system.

Zeakka 5701 series is equivalent to mega-fit dual row series. 


5701W mega fit dual row housing

Crimp Housing

5701BVT mega fit dual row right angle header

Dual Row R/A Header

5701BVT mega fit dual row vertical header

Dual Row Vertical Header

5701BVTA mega fit dual row vertical header, without crush pegs

Dual Row Vertical Header, without Crush Pegs

mega fit crimping terminal

Crimp Terminal

mega fit cable assembly

Cable Assembly

Cross Reference & Price (USD, EX Works)

If you don’t have a shipping agent or a DHL/UPS/FedEx/TNT account, contact us to get an estimation of the shipping cost.

Description: connector housing, dual row, black, Nylon 66 UL94V-0, bag package

CircuitsMolex P/NZeakka P/NMOQ (pcs)Unit price
21700010102, 170001-0102
1716920102, 171692-0102
41700010104, 170001-0104
1716920104, 171692-0104
61700010106, 170001-0106
1716920106, 171692-0106
81700010108, 170001-0108
1716920108, 171692-0108
101700010110, 170001-0110
1716920110, 171692-0110
121700010112, 170001-0112
1716920112, 171692-0112

Description: terminal, brass, tin plating, reel

Molex part number: 768230321 / 76823-0321 / 768230322 / 76823-0322

Zeakka part number: 5701TF

Package: 10000pcs/reel

Unit price: 

Description: connector header, dual row, right angle, through-hole, black, LCP UL94V-0

CircuitsMolex P/NZeakka P/NMOQ (pcs)Unit price
2768250002, 76825-00025701BRT- 0203BKM1000
4768250004, 76825-00045701BRT- 0403BKM1000
6768250006, 76825-00065701BRT- 0603BKM1000
8768250008, 76825-00085701BRT- 0803BKM1000
10768250010, 76825-00105701BRT- 1003BKM1000
12768250012, 76825-00125701BRT- 1203BKM1000

Description: connector header, dual row, vertical, through-hole, black, LCP UL94V-0

CircuitsMolex P/NZeakka P/NMOQ (pcs)Unit price
2768290002, 76829-00025701BVT- 0203BKM1000
4768290004, 76829-00045701BVT- 0403BKM1000
6768290006, 76829-00065701BVT- 0603BKM1000
8768290008, 76829-00085701BVT- 0803BKM1000
10768290010, 76829-00105701BVT- 1003BKM1000
12768290012, 76829-00125701BVT- 1203BKM1000

Description: connector header, dual row, vertical, through-hole, black, LCP UL94V-0

CircuitsMolex P/NZeakka P/NMOQ (pcs)Unit price
2768290102, 76829-01025701BVT- 0203BKMA1000
4768290104, 76829-01045701BVT- 0403BKMA1000
6768290106, 76829-01065701BVT- 0603BKMA1000
8768290108, 76829-01085701BVT- 0803BKMA1000
10768290110, 76829-01105701BVT- 1003BKMA1000
12768290112, 76829-01125701BVT- 1203BKMA1000

Frequently Asked Questions

Step 1: Inquiry. Let us know the part numbers and quantity you need. And get an esitmation of shipping cost if you would like us to do the shipping.

Step 2: Samples preparing. We will make samples according to your specifications and send them to you for your inspections.

Step 3: Contract. Once samples approved, you may want bulk order. Place your order and we will make a contract (or proforma invoice) with lead time and payment information. 

Step 4: Production. When prepayment is confirmed, we will start production.

Step 5: Delivery. For small cargo, you can authorize us to use your DHL/FedEx/UPS/TNT account for shipping, or you can pay us shipping cost and we will do the shipping. It’s always cheaper to use shipping agents in China. For big cargo, by sea or by train is more econimical but takes more time.

Step 6: After-sales service.

Alternative connectors are alternates (replacements or substitutes or cross parts) of famous brand connectors that have the same fit, form, and function as original brand connectors. They are compatible or equivalent to famous brand connectors made by specialist connector manufacturers (mainly in China) to the highest standard. 

Alternative connectors are used by EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Service) providers like Foxconn, Flex, Sanmina, Fideltronik, etc. for world-leading devices. And also been used by manufacturers worldwide in various industries. 

Connector housing: PE bag.

Crimping terminals: in reel.

Through hole headers: PE bag or tray.

SMT headers: tape & reel.

For a small amount  (less than USD600) you can pay by PayPal. We also accept Western Union. For more than USD600, you can pay by bank. And we do offer OA credit for clients who work with us for years on a regular basis.

10 to 20 pcs for free samples. You will be responsible for shipping.

If there is stock, we can send immediately, if no stock, it usaually takes about one week to make samples. And there will be 3 to 7 days for shipping. So total about 10-15 days.

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