What is the difference between JST PH and SH?

What is JST PH connector? JST PH is a 2.0 mm pitch single-row wire-to-board connector system. It is designed to meet the demand for high-density connection of internal wires to printed circuit boards. It is compact, highly reliable and low in cost. What is JST SH connector? JST SH is a 1.0 mm pitch sing-row […]

JST SH Connector VS molex PicoBlade Connector

This article will show you the difference between JST SH connector and Molex PicoBlade connector. And how to identify one from the two. JST SH connector is NOT the same as Molex Picoblade connector. Don’t use their female and male interchangeably. What is JST SH connector? JST SH is a 1.0mm pitch wire-to-board connection system. […]

JST Connector Series Comparison

Comparison of JST SH, GH, ZH, PH, PA, XH, XA, SM, EH, and VH series connectors. You can get all alternatives from Zeakka Electronics.  Note: wb = wire to board, ww = wire to wire

How to crimp JST XH connector?

In this article, I am going to show you how to crimp a JST connector with a hand-crimping tool. Step by step! The are many types of JST connectors, we will be using JST XH for this tutorial. When you know how to crimp JST XH connector, you will get to know how to crimp […]

Measure JST Connector Pitch – Complete Guide

What does pitch mean in connectors? Pitch in connectors, is the distance between the centers of two neighboring pins or contacts in the same row. Size A in the following pictures is the pitch of the connector. Single Row Connector Dual Row Connector Pitch is an important attribute of connectors. 2.54 mm pitch means the […]

JST Connectors Q&A

What are JST Connectors? It’s a misconception that JST connector is a single connector specification. JST is short for JAPANESE SOLDERLESS TERMINALS. It’s a Japanese connector manufacturer. JST makes a wide range of connectors for a variety of uses. Thus JST connectors stands for connectors made by JST. NOT a single connector specification. Even if […]

Common JST Connector Types

A list of common JST connector types. Ranked by pin-to-pin pitch. With alternatives offered by Zeakka. You can make a comparison of different types of JST connectors. JST connector alternatives are equivalent to (or replacement of) JST connectors. They are compatible with JST connectors but made by other connector manufacturers. Note: wb = wire to board, […]

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